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The number of vehicles on highways is ever increasing and managing them has become a significant concern. It is of the prime importance of road authorities to provide real-time and precise information to road users about the road and traffic conditions, toll management, incidents, and weather updates.

EFKON India’s Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) helps to intelligently integrate multiple technologies to improve highway tolling needs, safe and secure flow of vehicle traffic, and continuous updates on untoward situations and weather conditions. The road and highway product portfolios mainly consist of:

Electronic Enforcement Systems (EES)

EFKON India’s Electronic Enforcement System (EES) suite incorporates traffic surveillance and enforcement products that provide valuable insights to stakeholders, contribute to improving safety and security on roads, thereby saving lives and property and enhancing ease of commute. EES helps prevent accidents, detect road violations and identify the violator, enables
real-time viewing, monitoring of traffic status and issuing e-Challans for rule breakers. The system generates valuable traffic information which can help in gathering actionable insights for better traffic management.

Our EES portfolio includes:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD)

Red Light Violation Detection

Speed Violation Detection (SVD)

Speed Violation Detection

Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)

Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)

Customer Benefits:

The solution suite of our EES provides a wide range of functionalities:

  • Traffic conditions – free-flow and stop-and-go
  • Violation types - red-light, stop-line violation, over-speeding
  • Capable of detecting:
    • Standard and non-standard license plates
    • Commercial and non-commercial license plates
    • Front and rear images of license plate
    • Two-line license plate
  • Fully customized reporting system, to meet unique business requirements
  • Maximum speed limit violation detection up to 160kmph
  • High definition image capture
  • Automatic challan generation
  • Highly connected communication network (wireless and OFC)
  • Ease of integration via APIs with external databases viz VAHAN etc.

Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS)

EFKON India’s advanced HTMS solutions provide an effective and secure road management system for collecting and delivering data concerning road status, toll management, accidents, congestions as well as environmental information like weather updates, road temperature, or wind speed. We offer products that are based on our own-developed technologies and solutions portfolio for electronic enforcement, toll collection, and traffic telematics.

Our HTMS product portfolio includes:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Toll Management Systems (TMS)
  • Electronic Enforcement Systems (EES)
    • Speed Violation Detection (SVD)
    • Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)
  • Automated Vehicle Classifier (AVC)

Additionally, our HTMS also includes solutions for Emergency Call Box, integration with Command and Control Centre, Video Message Systems, and Environmental Systems.

Advantage of using HTMS system:

Route Optimization

Efficient toll management

Traffic Monitoring

Accurate vehicle detection and classification

Accident Detection

Improved highway road safety

Video Management System

Improved flow of vehicle traffic

Accident detection and incident management

Accident detection and incident management

Speed Detection and Control

Speed detection and control

Electronic Toll Management Systems (e-TMS)

EFKON India’s Toll Management Systems (TMS), helps in all electronic toll collection in free-flow traffic or automated payments at conventional toll plazas, high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) lanes, toll bridges, tunnels, etc. We design, implement, and maintain an optimal solution to meet our clients’ tolling needs with support of Smart cards and FASTag.