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contribute towards society to overcome this global pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has prepared us to work in unison and contribute towards society to overcome this global pandemic

Author: Rajat Mishra, CEO, EFKON India
Published on: April 01, 2020

Difficult times have knocked our doors with the outbreak of novel coronavirus globally. India now stands at the turning point to fight against the COIVD-19 pandemic, and extraordinary circumstances like this demands extraordinary precautions. The Government of India has done a commendable job of imposing a 21-day complete lockdown across the nation to contain the spread of the virus. The call of duty for each citizen now is to adhere to the lock down norms provided by the Government.

While taking precautions at individual levels is crucial to row our boat towards a safe India, we shouldn’t forget the significant contribution made by the ground forces, working almost around the clock and ensuring essential services are operational even during the lockdown. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, disinfectant workers, ground staff along with the Government of India have been working relentlessly to protect our lives. A big salute to the front line heroes!

In a densely populated country like ours, ensuring the supply of the essential goods and services during the lock down period has posed a cascade of challenges. Thus, traffic management systems need to be robust enough to support these services.

It is a matter for pride that EFKON India team so far has, without any fear or hesitation, been able to do our bit to contribute towards the society. The team across projects are working round the clock to ensure a smooth transition of essential goods carrying vehicles on toll highways, free-flow movement of ambulances and medical equipment vehicles on roads and safeguarding law and order on roads along with surveillance and enforcement services within cities.

For instance, our Aligarh Integrated Control and Command Center (ICCC) has now been converted into a war room, helping police with surveillance and lock down enforcement for safe and smooth movement across. It is also assisting authorities to discuss crucial aspects of lock down with the UP government.

Hopefully, together we will survive this pandemic soon. And this could only happen if each one of us is cautious, alert, stay at home, and does our bit towards society by taking all possible precautions. Let’s commit to support each other in such difficult times and overcome this pandemic together. Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.