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Operations Services

EFKON India’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team have relevant experience in core operations that result in optimal performance and least revenue leakages for the end customers. We provide a single-window solution for the concessionaire and tolling authorities by offering services like toll operations from toll collection to stretch surveillance and cash management.

EFKON also provides O&M services at the Command Centres for highways equipped with Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS). Our highly experienced staff supports seamless operations that further helps the concessionaire in day-to-day activities.

Our operations team undertakes the overall management of Toll Collection using
semi-automated or automated TMS to help them bring down a substantial amount of overheads for clients. We follow a hassle-free operational process along with the total reconciliation of accounts by the support of various reports and audits. Our operations services comprise:

  • Toll Plaza surveillance and maintenance
  • Violation enforcement
  • Operations outsourcing
  • HTMS operations and support
  • Incident Management
  • Highway support and maintenance