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EFKON India awarded India’s Greatest Brands 2020-2021

EFKON India has been recognized as one of India's Greatest Brand 2020-2021. The felicitation happened during the 14th Annual Edition of Asia Africa Business and Social Forum 2020-21(virtual) on 27 August 2021, conducted by URS Media Consulting and AsiaOne Magazine. EFKON India received the award under the Smart City initiatives and our successful project completion across the country.

This year the prime objective of the summit and award ceremony was to bring together global leaders and corporate professionals as well as CEOs and CXOs from Asia, GCC, and Africa in an open dialogue and under one roof. The purpose was to discuss the issues facing trade and business in modern times (primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic) and rapid technology advancements all over the globe. The community also discussed developing possible strategies for how businesses of different kinds can become aware and more engaged in initiatives taking place in the world economy.

Such prestigious industry awards boost our reputation and set us apart from the crowd. This will also help cement your credibility among our clients and customers. The awards speak highly of how we and our work are perceived by the customers and the industry.

About Asia One Magazine and URS International Media

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