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EFKON India wins the biggest deal at Varanasi, India

EFKON India wins the biggest deal at Varanasi, India

EFKON India has closed a record-breaking deal at Varanasi Smart City. The project is worth INR 108.5 Cr/Eur 12.6 Mio. The scope of the project is the implementation of Advance Surveillance Systems across the Varanasi city.

Through this project, EFKON India will be solely responsible for helping Varanasi Smart City Limited (VSCL) with the ‘Design, Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of the Advance Surveillance System’ across Varanasi for a period of at least five years following Go-Live. We will be providing
end-to-end solutions, which shall cater to the following primary components:

  • City surveillance system infrastructure including ANPR and Analytics
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) site
  • Upgradation of infrastructure at Data Centre (DC)
  • GIS Maps - real-time integration with surveillance solutions
  • Captive Fiber Network

Before this project, EFKON India was designated as the Master System Integrator in consortium for developing, implementing, and regulating several smart projects in Varanasi. These included Intelligent Traffic Management Systems, Environmental Systems, Control Center Systems, Spot Speed Detection Systems, Red Light Violation Detection, and Variable Message Signboards across the city.

EFKON India, being a key player in Varanasi and delivering successful projects in the past, are well-versed in:

  • Experience in understanding local conditions and working in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • In-house products and the ability to roll out products in real-time
  • Faster mobilization of manpower and expediting the approval process