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EFKON India receives Rising Star Award 2019

EFKON India was awarded the Rising Star Award Security 2019 in Honeywell Connect 2020 – Annual Distributor Conference, held in Goa. The award is a testimony of our long-lasting relationship with Honeywell and our continuous pursuit of excellence towards providing innovative solutions for Smart City projects.

At EFKON India, we believe we can help the government to manifest their Smart City dreams and ambitions by designing and deploying wide-ranging intelligent systems for transport management and law enforcement. Our Smart City solutions help with better traffic management, reduced polluting emissions and consumption of vehicular fuel and oil, smart electronic toll solutions, automated traffic signals, and better electronic enforcement systems. Thereby improving the way people use roads and enhance their quality of lives – in the city of today and tomorrow. We use technology to manage and improve city infrastructure, increase safety, accessibility of citizen services, and improved administration with better governance.