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Innovation Center at EFKON India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs no introduction. It is a part of our everyday lives in ways we never thought possible before. It can drive meaningful innovation and empower people, but the key ingredient to achieving this is the responsible use of AI and adequate regulations around this evolving technology.

We at EFKON India are on a mission to make roads smoother and safer by leveraging the power of AI in the field of computer vision, data science, and video analytics.

Our in-house innovation center has capabilities for tackling complex real-world problems and composing breakthrough solutions. The outcome is the BSmart Suite of products that have transcended EFKON India as the industry pioneers. We are the country's leading providers of Intelligent Transportation System, Toll Management System, Highway Traffic Management System, Electronic Enforcement System, Smart City solutions, and Tunnel automation works.

The Intelligent Transportation System Product Suite consists of an wide array of products such as:

The wizards of our product development team are usually found engrossed in the world of deep learning and inventing new models by bringing into play the power of frameworks and tools like Caffe, TensorFlow, TensorRT, darknet and cuDNN. Streaming loads of bytes of data is their cup of tea, and Gstreamer, Kafka, Spark, and Dask are their best pals. Their magnum opus is brought to life, chiseled, and visualized by a team of front-end developers, DBAs, and system integrators with their armory of C++, Python, ASP.NET, AngularJS, Oracle, Flask and REST APIs.

At times, even titans like them can be fallible and utopian. Some of the imperfectness and superficiality are highlighted by a team of dedicated quality assurers and field implementers who are hard to impress without the proof of endurance, resilience, and exemplary performance against the industry benchmarks.

Notably, their guiding light is a core group of Product Owners and Product Managers who set the vision, show the path, and ship products that meet and at times exceed customer expectations. Together, the product team strives to transform the world through creation, innovation, digitalization, and delivery of best-in-class results.

Subsequently, we have revamped the traffic mobility in Aligarh, Varanasi, Tumkuru, Noida and Hyderabad by supplementing the know-how of our technology stack and deploying state-of-the-art solutions. Our products are a masterly blend of the man and machine capabilities to accomplish superior efficiencies. We are helping to build the Smart & Safer Cities of tomorrow.

While toll management and intelligent transportation system are still our bread and butter, we are also the right choice for clients looking for intelligent end-to-end solutions to complex Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) challenges across industries such as roads, metros, rails, all weather-tunnels, commercial buildings, and industrial factories. From applied engineering, in-house drawings/design facilities, SCADA and IBMS, and excellent project management, operation, and maintenance to testing, planning, and commissioning, we are capable of managing tunnel projects of any scale and complexity.