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Believe in Corporate Social Responsibility

“The more we grow; the more responsibility is bestowed upon us to cater to the society.”

Under the leadership and guidance of CEO, Mr. Rajat Mishra, EFKON India has made a point to pay equal attention to growing business as well as to the society and do its bit in making the society a better place, especially, for the children and youth. Our prime motto is to provide smoother and safer roads for all road-users, saving hundreds of lives daily. We want our customers, prospects, and other stakeholders from the society to know us for what we stand for.

EFKON India’s CSR Activities for FY19-20

To work especially with engineering colleges for promotion of Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) course and setup ITMS labs/Center of Excellence (CoE) in these engineering colleges to teach students on subjects related to ITMS

EFKON India engaged with Delhi Technological University (DTU) to set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to build know-how and skillset in next-generation engineers and entrepreneurs to provide solutions unique to the Indian traffic conditions. The proposed CoE is one of the first of its kind, Industry-Academia collaborations in India. It will also impart experiential learning to DTU students on real-life traffic situations, enabling the university to become a leading research enabler in the niche ITS domain.

EFKON India will contribute to the installation and maintenance of CoE and will be responsible for all costs related to the provisioning, supply, installation, and maintenance of the equipment. We will also support research scholars working on joint researches. EFKON India will set up a server in the CoE ITS Lab space (provided by DTU) to facilitate the computational workload of the research projects at the CoE ITS.

EFKON India’s campaign to bring awareness in children and youth to follow traffic rules

EKFON India celebrated 'National Road Safety Week' in association with the Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways (MoRTH), across the country, starting from January 11, 2020. The theme for the National Road Safety Week 2020 was 'Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha.' Under the aegis of this National Road Safety Week, we undertook a road safety awareness campaign in association with NOIDA Authority.

EFKON India focuses on spreading awareness about the importance of road safety to bring about significant behavioural changes amongst adult drivers and children. Smooth and safe journey is one of the critical pillars of EFKON India's long-term road safety CSR initiatives in India. As part of the campaign to create awareness among school children, a drawing competition was conducted which saw participation from over 550 school children across Delhi NCR. Picture collages of Do and Don’ts of Traffic Rules were created, and children were asked to color those sketches.