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Tumkur Smart City Project
Case Study

Tumkur Smart City Project

Intelligent Signalling and CCTV Surveillance System Implementation in Tumkur Smart City

Tumkur (officially known as Tumakuru) is an industrial city near Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is popularly known as the Land of Coconuts, and the City of Education. With proximity to Bangalore, being a hub of educational institutions and several religious places, this leads to a constant rise of commuters to the city.

Tumkur was one of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) selected under the Smart City Plan (SCP) submitted to the Government of Karnataka. The Tumakuru Smart City Limited (TSCL) in the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was constituted to execute Smart City Mission (SCM) in Tumakuru. TSCL aims to provide improved living standards and better safety and security for the citizens.

The vision statement of TSCL is - “Transforming Tumakuru from a mere edge city of Bengaluru to the most preferred destination within the region with a strong focus on economic development and provision of enhanced connectivity, high quality of life, ecological integration and inclusive development.”

The main objectives of TSCL includes:

  • To ensure public safety and protect citizens from various forms of crime
  • To enhance and upgrade the required infrastructure of Intelligent City Management Control Centre (ICMCC)
  • To curb traffic congestion and reduce waiting time
  • To ensure traffic flow for emergency vehicles like ambulance, police, etc. and VIP movement clearance
  • To give street-level information and updates to road users
  • To monitor and regulate traffic flow across the city
  • To build a mobile-based application for support

EFKON India was designated as the Master System Integrator (MSI) to implement smart city initiatives at Tumkur for better traffic management, control, and smooth traffic flow. The project as a part of ICMCC was divided into three categories along with its components respectively –

Category 1: Implement, command, and control

which includes implementation of Integrated City Management Control Centre (ICMCC), Satellite Control Centre, Intelligent Signaling, CCTV City Surveillance, Deployment of Applications of Data Centre, Environment Monitoring System, Variable Messaging System, ‘One Tumakuru’ Mobile App, and Emergency Response System

Category 2: Integrate and view in ICMCC

which includes implementation of Intelligent Transport System, ICT-enabled Solid Waste Management, Tumakuru Smart City Lounge, and Smart Metering – Water Supply

Category 3: Integrate and control in ICMCC

which includes implantation of Smart Parking and Street Light Control System

Through these components, city authorities would provide core infrastructure with access to services and quality of life to the citizens through smart solutions.

EFKON India successfully implemented the Integrated City Management Control Centre (ICMCC) with elements like Connectivity, Console Layout, Environmental Design, Audio-Visual Design along with Indicators and Controls.

EFKON India also helped in development and implementation of the below Smart City solutions

‘One Tumakuru’ Mobile App

‘One Tumakuru’ Mobile App

Emergency Response System

Emergency Response System

Environment Monitoring System

Environment Monitoring System

Variable Messaging System (VMS)

Variable Messaging System (VMS)

Satellite Control Centre

Satellite Control Centre

Reduced congestion at interchange junctions

Disaster Recovery Centre

One Tumakuru Mobile App is a dynamic application which shall provide all smart services within the Tumakuru Smart City, in a smart mobile phone. Using a GIS Map of Tumkur, as a common platform and bringing all the mobile-based services to one place, this initiative will surely help the citizens in accessing city services on their fingertips.

The project led to efficient road network management with smooth traffic flow and real-time information to road users.

Benefits to the local administrations, citizens and commuters of Tumkur

PAS allowing officials
ANPR ensuring the continued safety
Variable Messaging
RLVD systems
Environment Monitoring
ATCS improving travel time
raffic Surveillance Systems
E-challan issuing of automatic e-challan
Satellite Control Centre providing

EFKON India successfully provided access to services and quality of life to the citizens of Tumkur through smart city solutions.